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My name is Miranda Wang. I'm currently working as a Software Engineer for Custom Ink in the Mosaic District. I love programming and design, video games, cooking and surfing the interwebz.

web development | front end | user experience

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Here are some of the projects I've been working on.


With a team of 3 others, built a habit tracking web application game at the PennApps hackathon in < 48 hours. Developed the front end and design.

Python | Django | HTML/CSS | jquery | Photoshop | web design

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Special Olympics World Games LA2015

Created new features and removed bugs from the Special Olympics World Games website, la2015.org during my summer internship at Perfect Sense Digital.

java | JSTL | HTML/CSS | less | jquery | email newsletter HTML

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Enactus at UVa

As the Vice President of Technology of a consulting student organization, Enactus at UVa, I designed and built a new website for a more modern look, including a responsive layout. Design decisions were made following the Enactus Brand and Style guide.

HTML/CSS | bootstrap | web design | responsive

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Virginia Homecomings

From 2013-2014 I was the Website Manager for Virginia Homecomings, including the beginning set up of a site, hosting, and using WordPress.

WordPress | HTML/CSS | web design

Ghost Hunter

An Android game created with a group of 3 others for a class project. My main contribution was creating the user interface for the application.

Android | XML | java | graphic design | photoshop

Corks & Curls Website Redesign

Upon request, redesigned Corks & Curls, the yearbook at UVa,'s website to a one-page parallax scroll layout with a video background lead.

web design | HTML/CSS

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About Me

Hi, I'm Miranda! I'm currently residing in Vienna, Virginia and working as a Software Engineer at Custom Ink in the Mosaic District. I love working on web apps and I'm especially passionate about front end and design. Whatever I do, I try to view the situation or project from several angles. I appreciate things for their weirdness- a different perspective is always valuable.

As an upbeat, energetic worker, I love dynamic environments. I work best with others, able to build and bounce thoughts to reach bigger and better ideas.

Ruby/Rails | React/Redux | Javascript | Vue | SASS | Java | Python | Django | C++ | HTML/CSS | Less | JQuery


Videos, poems, some things created by me, and etcetera.

the harder you try, by Charles Bukowski

"the waste of words
continues with a stunning
as the waiter runs by carrying the loaded
for all the wise white boys who laugh at
no matter. no matter,
as long as your shoes are tied and
nobody is walking too close
just being able to scratch yourself and
be nonchalant is victory
those constipated minds that seek
larger meaning
will be dispatched with the other
back off.
if there is light
it will find

My Stuff



eww, by Shahir Zag

"when i die,
my atoms will come undone;
i'll be space dust, once again.

the wind will carry me;
scatter me everywhere;
like dandelions in springtime.

i'll visit worlds and alien moons;
it will be so damn poetic
until i land on your sandwich."

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